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I don’t think anyone gives a shit, but I arted. It’s kinda weird lookin’ but hey. Whatever.

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Knight of Blood, Nightwing of Blüdhaven, it’s all the same thing, right?

We’ll just say Terezi dressed him up, ok?

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"It’s Spider-Man!"

"What? Spider-Man? Where? WHERE? Oh, I-I just get so flustered when I meet a celebrity. I just don’t know what to say!"

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I wanted some of these banner-y things because apparently when I get into something, I like to plaster it all over the fucking place. I made ones for the 12 godtier symbols. I might do other ones later when I can feel my fingers again.

{part one & part two}

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So, uh, happy birthday, Kathy! You seem to be the only person ever to say that I could sing so. This is me. Singing. For you. Specifically “Pillow Time” as performed by The Monkees. Well, minus the first verse and some fancy vocal things they did at the end. Because, um. I can’t do those. Also, my mom sang this to me when I was little. 

I was going to put a link to a recording of the original here but I really can’t find one so. If you want it you can ask me for it?

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Sh*t Comic Book Nerds Say [x]

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